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KC guarantee and policy statement.

fish transport

All Sturgeon despatched from KC premises are double (see picture) bagged, put into a protective sleeve then into a specially designed fish carriage box, which was designed with the carriers, to make the journey less stressful and more secure.

*Unfortunately due to CEFAS /DEFRA regulations and in accordance with our Bio Security statement, we can’t allow public access to the farm. Trade are welcome to collect stock but strictly by pre-arranged appointment. KC intent to hold occasional open days for trade and pubic to see how the farm operates day to day.

Since February 2014 Sturgeon no longer require specific import and resale licences from CEFAS.
However, there are strict controls in place ensuring the farms supplying and the importers do the required certified health checks on the fish and obtain authorisation to import before the fish start their journey.
KC abide by CEFAS / DEFRA regulations and guarantee that all our fish are healthy and disease free at point
of import and resale.
The following is a letter distributed by the UK  Fish Health Inspectorate.
Click here to view letter (.PDF)


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